Schedule the QuickBooks Unpaid Bills Report Monthly, by Email

Receive a regular email reminder with all your pending bills, to help you stay on top of your company's obligations!

The QuickBooks Unpaid Bills Report shows how much your company owes each vendor, and whether any payments are overdue:

To automatically email the Unpaid Bills Report from ActiveBooks:

  1. Download, install and configure ActiveBooks, if necessary.

  2. Start ActiveBooks.

  3. Select Notification > Add to open the Add Notification window:

    Add QuickBooks Notification

  4. On the General tab:

    • Choose your company file in the Using field.

    • In the Send the field, choose Unpaid Bills Detail Report from the list of reports.

    • In the To field, enter the email address to send the report. You can add more than one if you like - just separate each one with a comma (,).

    • Finally, indicate when and how often to email out the report. Monthly is probably sufficient, but you can specify weekly if you really want to stay on top of the bills! We have selected the 15th day of the month which should give us enough time to make cash-flow adjustments prior to the month-end.

    ActiveBooks Unpaid Bills Report: General Tab

  5. Click the Save >> button. After a couple of seconds, an entry for Unpaid Bills Detail Report (Today) will appear in the ActiveBooks window.

    ActiveBooks Unpaid Bills Report: Created

  6. That's it! From now on, your Unpaid Bills Report will be automatically emailed to you on the 15th of each month at 9 in the morning. Feel free to preview the report (by selecting Notification > Preview...), or update it to change the time, add an email address, etc.

    ActiveBooks Unpaid Bills Report: Preview

Unpaid Bills Report not emailed as expected?