How to email yourself the QuickBooks Balance Sheet every week

Keep on top of your company's QuickBooks finances by having the latest Balance Sheet automatically delivered to your Inbox

To email the Balance Sheet weekly from ActiveBooks:

  1. Download, install and configure ActiveBooks, if necessary.

  2. Start ActiveBooks.

  3. Select Notification > Add to open the Add Notification window:

    Add QuickBooks Notification

  4. On the General tab:

    • In the Using field, select the QuickBooks company file you wish to report on. If you only have one company file configured, it will already be selected and you don't have to do anything.

    • In the Send the field, choose the Balance Sheet Summary entry.

    • In the To field, enter the email address to receive the Balance Sheet report. If you wish to send to multiple addresses, separate each one with a comma.

    • And finally, in the Every field, select the day of the week on which to send the weekly report. We have chosen every Monday (at the default time of 9 AM), but you can adjust day or time to whatever suits you best.

    ActiveBooks Balance Sheet Report: General Tab

  5. Click the Save >> button. In a couple of seconds, an entry titled Balance Sheet Summary (This Fiscal Year-to-date) will show up in the ActiveBooks window.

    ActiveBooks Balance Sheet Report: Created

  6. That's it! Your Balance Sheet will be automatically emailed to you every Monday @ 9 AM. Feel free to preview the report (by selecting Notification > Preview...), or edit it to limit by class, email a PDF, etc.

    ActiveBooks Balance Sheet Report: Preview

Balance Sheet not emailed as expected?