How to email a Customer Balance Report from QB Pro/Premier/Enterprise

Easily find out which customers owe you money, without having to log in to QuickBooks (or bug your accountant)

To email the QuickBooks Customer Balance Report from ActiveBooks:

  1. Download, install and configure ActiveBooks, if necessary.

  2. Start ActiveBooks.

  3. Select Notification > Add to open the Add Notification window:

    Add QuickBooks Notification

  4. On the General tab:

    • If you have set up more than one company file, select it in the Using field.

    • In the Send the field, select the Customer Balance Summary item.

    • In the To field, enter the email address to receive the Customer Balance Report. If you wish to send to multiple addresses, separate each one with a comma.

    • And finally, in the Every field, select when to send the report. Every weekday at 8 AM enables us to start our work day with the customer information so we have chosen that time.

    ActiveBooks Customer Balance Report: General Tab

  5. Click the Save >> button. In a second or two, an entry named Customer Balance Summary (All Dates) will appear in the ActiveBooks window.

    ActiveBooks Customer Balance Report: Created

  6. That's it! Your Customer Balance report will be automatically emailed to you every weekday @ 8 AM. You won't need to have QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise open. Feel free to preview the report by selecting Notification > Preview.... You can also change it to email the report in PDF or Excel format (and much more!).

    ActiveBooks Customer Balance Report: Preview

Trouble emailing the Customer Balance Report?