How to E-Mail the QuickBooks Accounts Payable (A/P) Aging Report

Don't let overdue bills spiral out of control and damage valuable relationships with key vendors!

The QuickBooks Accounts Payable (A/P) report shows you how much you owe each vendor and when those payments are due.

You should probably should be reviewing the A/P report regularly, to know what big bills will need to be settled in the next 1 to 3 months. Why not have the report delivered to you, like clockwork each week?

To automatically schedule and email the QuickBooks A/P Aging Report each week from ActiveBooks:

  1. Download, install, and configure ActiveBooks, if necessary.

  2. Start ActiveBooks.

  3. Select Notification > Add to open the Add Notification window:

    Add QuickBooks Notification

  4. All the action happens on this window! On the General tab:

    • In the Using field, select the company file you wish to report against. (You may only have one company file in that selector, but ActiveBooks can report from multiple!)

    • In the Send the field, select the A/P Aging Report entry. (There is also an A/P Aging detail report that lists each bill/invoice, but you can choose that another time.)

    • In the To field, enter your email address. If there are other people that should receive the Accounts Payable report, enter all their email addresses, separating each one with a comma (,).

    • And finally, in the Every field, specify when you would like the report to be delivered. We have scheduled it for once a week, early on Monday mornings. (Monthly, on the first of the month would also be reasonable to keep an eye on your company's unpaid bills...)

    Email the QuickBooks Accounts Payable Aging Report

  5. We are now done configuring ActiveBooks so click the Save >> button to record your new report. In a second or two, an entry for A/P Aging Report (Today) will appear in the ActiveBooks window.

    You can see that ActiveBooks is patiently waiting until next Monday at 7 AM, when it will spring into action and email the report.

    ActiveBooks Accounts Payable Aging Report: Created

  6. That's it! From now on, your company's A/P Aging report will be automatically delivered to your email inbox every Monday morning. Feel free to preview the report (by selecting Notification > Preview...), or edit it to change the time, add email addresses, restrict by class, send a PDF or Excel, and much more.

    Accounts Payable Aging Report: Preview

QuickBooks A/P Aging Report not being emailed as expected?

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