Automatically E-Mail the QuickBooks Open Purchase Orders Report

Keep a close watch on your pending inventory and how it affects your cash flow

The QuickBooks Open Purchase Orders report provides a snapshot of outstanding orders from all your vendors. Pay special attention to delivery dates to ensure that your business operates smoothly, without unwelcome surprises!

To automatically schedule and e-mail the QuickBooks Open Purchase Orders Report each week from ActiveBooks:

  1. Download, install, and configure ActiveBooks, if necessary.

  2. Start ActiveBooks.

  3. Select Notification > Add to open the Add Notification window:

    Add QuickBooks Notification

  4. The General tab presents the common settings for each of the 100+ reports available in ActiveBooks. All our work to setup the Open Purchase Orders report will be here, but you can always come back and play with the other settings later.

    • In the Using field, select the company file you wish to report from. You may have only one, but ActiveBooks Professional & Enterprise support multiple company files.

    • In the Send the field, select the Open Purchase Orders Report entry.

    • The For field will default to All Dates, which is fine for our purposes. However you can change that to narrow the scope of the report if you prefer.

    • In the To field, enter your email address. If there are multiple people that should receive the report, enter each email addresses separated by a comma (,).

    • And finally, in the Every field, specify when you would like the report to be delivered. How about once a week, on Monday morning?

    Email the QuickBooks Open Purchase Orders Report

  5. We are now done configuring ActiveBooks so click the Save >> button to record your new report. In a second or two, an entry for Open Purchase Orders Report will appear in the ActiveBooks window.

    ActiveBooks Open Purchase Orders Report: Created

  6. That's it! From now on, your company's Open Purchase Orders report will be automatically delivered to your email inbox every Monday morning.

QuickBooks Open Purchase Orders Report not being emailed as expected?

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