ActiveBooks helps these companies make the best use of their time

Improving Client Service

Malcolm is an accountant managing several companies on behalf of his clients. His most "hands-on" clients frequently call him up to see how the business is performing. Whenever that happens, Malcolm must stop whatever he is working on, open the client's QuickBooks company file, read the latest information to him/her, and occasionally send an email with that information. Malcolm does not bill for these "courtesy" requests, so this is simply time taken away from his more pressing tasks.

Solution: Malcolm sets up ActiveBooks to automatically email each of his clients the Balance Sheet (and other reports) every weekday at 10 AM. His clients appreciate the steady service and he has regained his time!

Speeding up Collections

One of Jessica's daily tasks is to chase late paying clients. When she works from home (frequently these days) and can not access QuickBooks in the office, she must call in to have the Office Manager (Clive) read out or send her the latest information. This inefficient procedure is a drag on Clive's time and makes Jessica less productive than she should be.

Solution: Jessica sets up ActiveBooks to automatically email her the Collections Report every weekday at 8 AM. She now has all the outstanding balances and contact information for each client first thing in the morning and can choose the best time to make her calls!

Improving Sales

Darren is the lone salesman for a small automobile parts company. He spends much of his working days visiting with or chatting with clients on the phone trying to drum up sales. Knowing if a client is overdue with payments can change the tone of the visit/conversation so Darren would like to know who is late in advance.

Solution: Darren's bookkeeper (Sally) set up ActiveBooks to automatically send Darren the Overdue Invoices Report every morning at 8 AM. Now Darren starts the day by checking his email, printing the report, and references it all day long as he interacts with clients!

Keeping the owner in the loop

Richard is the owner of a 5-person consulting firm and likes to keep an eye on the performance of the company. He doesn't use QuickBooks, so every Monday his bookkeeper Stephen sends him the Profit & Loss Report from QuickBooks, but this takes away from Stephen's regular bookkeeping activities. When Stephen gets too busy he often forgets to send the report.

Solution: Stephen sets up ActiveBooks to automatically send Richard the Profit & Loss Report every Monday at 9 AM. Richard always gets the reports he needs and Stephen doesn't have to worry about it any longer. One less thing to do!

Planning Payments

John is the President of a successful but cash-strapped plumbing company. The poor cash flow forces him to constantly keep an eye on bills coming due and plan payments carefully. His long-time bookkeeper Patty usually keeps him up to date with constant reports, but things start to fall through the cracks when Patty gets busy or goes away on vacation.

Solution: Instead of chewing into Patty's valuable time, John asked her to setup ActiveBooks to automatically send him the Bills To Pay Report. Now John always knows what bills are is coming due and can manage the company's payments with confidence!

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