ActiveBooks has been Discontinued

ActiveBooks was retired on August 1 2017. The software is longer available.

We apologize for the inconvenience this action may cause to current and prospective customers, but unfortunately our company can no longer sustain the product commercially.

Q & A For ActiveBooks Customers

Will my ActiveBooks installation(s) continue to work after August 1 2017?

Yes, we will not be deactivating your software in any way. You can continue to run ActiveBooks for as long as it works on your computer.

Will ActiveBooks work when I upgrade to another version of QuickBooks?

Probably — unless Intuit makes changes to the QuickBooks Desktop SDK, the technology supporting third-party applications like ActiveBooks.

Will you continue to provide technical support for ActiveBooks?


Why have you stopped selling ActiveBooks?

In 2009, Core Technologies Consulting, LLC launched ActiveBooks with high hopes. Which small business owner wouldn't benefit from up-to-date financial information delivered automatically, without having to log into QuickBooks?

We were proud to see our simple idea gain traction and blossom into a stable niche product helping small businesses across North America. Customers were happy and our company received high marks for customer support — our paramount measure of success.

However, over those 8 years, the technology enabling ActiveBooks to interact with QuickBooks — already recognized as "brittle" by developers working with the internals of the financial software — received minimal support from its makers, Intuit. Despite having the top-selling small business financial software for desktop computers, Intuit inexplicably abandoned its massive customer base by funneling the overwhelming majority its resources to the less powerful online products.

And as the investment in the QuickBooks Desktop SDK heads to zero, technical support has become appalling. Can you imagine that Intuit — a company with almost 8,000 employees — has seemingly allocated a single person to attend to the hundreds of requests on the support forums? The result is that many questions go unanswered. And the few questions that receive some attention remain unhelpful and devoid of technical detail.

Sadly, Intuit's poor support of the QuickBooks Desktop SDK has adversely affected our company's performance. It has become very difficult to provide excellent support for ActiveBooks when bugs in the underlying technologies are never acknowledged or are poorly addressed.

With a heavy heart, we have finally thrown in the towel and decided that we cannot continue to work with QuickBooks. Indeed, we will never again willingly work with any technology developed by Intuit.